Android Training Institute in Ranchi

Best Android Training Institute in Ranchi

Studide is best android application training institute in ranchi. Studide provides real-time and placement focused android training in ranchi. Our Android training course includes basic to advanced level and our android certification course is designed to get the placement in good MNC companies in ranchi as quickly as once you complete the Android certification training course. Our Android app developers are highly experienced and working professionals with hands on real time multiple Android projects knowledge. We have designed our Android course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone’s career goal. In our android training program, you will learn Android Architecture, Android SDK, Setup of Android Development environment, Apps fundamentals, User Interface, Data Storage, Media API, android real time project and Android OS & apps Development placement training. We only provide training from the best Android Training Institutes in Ranchi or Android Coaching Centers in Ranchi.

Want to Learn Android?

Android is a complete set of software for mobile devices such as tablet computers, notebooks, smartphones, electronic book readers, set-top boxes etc. It contains a linux-based Operating Systemmiddleware and key mobile applications.

Our Android course or Android Studio training covers basic and advanced concepts of android technology. Our Android development modules are developed for beginners as well as professionals.

We have designed most detailed and latest coverage course on Android. To give you an idea of what you will learn we have shared few of the topics as below:

Android Fundamentals

  • Android Introduction
  • What is Android
  • History and Version
  • Android Architecture
  • Core Building Blocks
  • Android Emulator
  • Install Android
  • Setup Eclipse
  • Hello Android example
  • Internal Details
  • Dalvik VM
  • AndroidManifest.xml
  • Hide Title Bar
  • Screen Orientation
  • Android Widgets
  • UI Widgets
  • Working with Button
  • Toast
  • Custom Toast
  • ToggleButton
  • CheckBox
  • Custom CheckBox
  • RadioButton
  • Dynamic RadioButton
  • Custom RadioButton
  • AlertDialog
  • Spinner
  • AutoCompleteTextView
  • ListView
  • Custom ListView
  • RatingBar
  • WebView
  • SeekBar
  • DatePicker
  • TimePicker
  • Analog and Digital
  • ProgressBar
  • Vertical ScrollView
  • Horizontal ScrollView
  • ImageSwitcher
  • ImageSlider
  • ViewStub
  • TabLayout
  • TabLayout with FrameLayout
  • SearchView
  • SearchView on Toolbar
  • EditText with TextWatcher

Adding Ads

  • Android Google Admob

1) Banner Ads
2) Interstitial Ads

Activity and Intents

  • Activity LifeCycle
  • Implicit Intent
  • Explicit Intent
  • StartActivityForResult
  • Share App Data

Android Fragments

  • Android Fragments

Android Menu

  • Option Menu
  • Context Menu
  • Popup Menu

Android Service

Android Service

Android AlarmManager

  • Android AlarmManager

Android Storage

  • Android Preferences
  • Internal Storage
  • External Storage

Android SQLite

  • SQLite Tutorial
  • SQLite Spinner


  • XML Parsing SAX
  • XML Parsing DOM
  • XMLPullParser
  • JSON Parsing

Android Multimedia

  • MediaPlayer: Audio
  • VideoView: Video
  • Recording Media

Android Web Service

  • Android Web Service

Google Map

  • Android Google Map
  • Current Location
  • Search Location

Android Speech

  • TextToSpeech1
  • TextToSpeech2

Android Telephony

  • TelephonyManager
  • Get Call State
  • Get Call State 2
  • Simple Caller Talker
  • Phone Call
  • Send SMS
  • Send Email

Android Device

  • Bluetooth Tutorial
  • List Paired Devices
  • WIFI

Camera Tutorial

  • Camera Tutorial

Sensor Tutorial

  • Sensor Tutorial

Android Graphics

  • Android Graphics

Android Animation

  • Android Animation

Android Examples

  • QR/Bar Code Scanner
  • RSS Feed Reader
  • Volley Fetch JSON
  • Android Linkify
  • Intro Slider
  • RecyclerView List
  • Swipe Del RecyclerView
  • Swipe Refresh Activity
  • Volley Library Registration Log-in Log-out
  • Network Connectivity Services
  • Firebase Authentication – Google Login
  • Android Notification
  • Using Google reCAPTCHA

Android Social

  • Integrating Google Sign-In
  • Integrating LinkedIn
  • Integrating Twitter