Learn Front-End Development

Front-End Web Development Course in Ranchi


Front-end web development training courses available in Ranchi, which is the development of the graphical user interface of a website through the use of HTML, CSS and Java Script, so that users can view and interact with the website. 

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the languages used for front end development, knowledge of which is mandatory for the developer and designer. When a website, web application, or mobile app is opened, the structure, design, behavior and content of everything that appears on the browser screen is implemented by front-end developers, to gain knowledge on the front-end. Web development training is mandatory, under which web design training courses are available on studide.in under full live web development training courses.  

  • Basic setup and learning how to learn
  • Learn how to set up a web page
  • Learn how to put text on your web page
  • Web standards and best practices (such as accessibility and cross-browser compatibility)
  • Learn how to apply different styles & formatting to your web page
  • HTML, the language that gives web content structure and meaning
  • Learn how to create multiple web pages
  • Learn how to apply images & links to your web page
  • CSS, the language used to style web pages
  • JavaScript, the scripting language used to create dynamic functionality on the web
  • Tooling that is used to facilitate modern client-side web development.

 With the first course in this Website Designing program, we start you off by introducing you to Front End technologies. This will take you through everything you need to know to become a Front End Developer. 

    A Front End Developer creates whatever you visually see on a website. They are tasked with creating the necessary elements to make your website attractive, understandable and in the end, retain your user for a longer time and keep them coming back for more.

Further  moving to advanced modules, this course in the Web Design program 

  • Introduces you to how the internet works and how it has evolved in the past few years.
  • Takes you through steps on how to structure a webpage using HTML5. 
  • Introduces you to CSS and it’s framework Bootstrap to help style your webpage and adapt it to multiple platforms or devices. 
  • Introduces you to Javascript so that you can increase the interactivity of your website.
  • Gives you a good understanding of AJAX, JSON and data transfer principles in order to make your website dynamic and provide a seamless experience while delivering data.