What Is .NET Core?

NET Core is a free, open-source, modular, cross-platform framework developed by Microsoft for building modern, high-performance applications. It is a reimplementation of the .NET Framework to be more lightweight, modular, and flexible.

.NET Core includes a runtime, a set of libraries, and a development environment that supports multiple programming languages such as C#, Visual Basic, and F#. It is designed to run on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. It can be used to build a wide range of applications, including web applications, desktop applications, and microservices.

One of the key benefits of .NET Core is that it is modular, which means you can use only the components you need for your application, making it more lightweight and faster. Additionally, .NET Core includes many performance improvements over the .NET Framework, including faster startup times and lower memory usage.

Characteristics of .NET Core

Key characteristics of .NET Core include open source, cross-platform, modern, flexible, lightweight, fast, friendly, shareable, and built for future software development.

.NET Core is Free and Open Source.

The .NET Core platform is free and open source. .NET Core source code project is available on GitHub. Any developer can get involved in .NET Core development. Thousands of active developers participating in .NET Core development are improving features, adding new features, and fixing bugs and issues.

.NET Core is Cross-platform.

.NET Core supports and runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. .NET Core is consistent across architecture, including x64, x86, and ARM. The same assemblies and libraries can be imported and used on multiple platforms. The assemblies and libraries are built using one of the .NET languages, C#, VB.NET, or F#.

.NET Core is Sharable.

.NET Core uses one consistent API model written in .NET Standard that is common to all .NET applications. The same API or library can be used with multiple platforms in multiple languages.

.NET Core is Modern.

Unlike some older frameworks, .NET Core is designed to solve today’s modern needs, including being mobile friendly, build once run everywhere, scalable, and high performance. .NET Core is designed to build applications that target all kinds of devices, including IoTs and gaming consoles.

.NET Core is Lightweight.

.NET Core is lightweight. .NET Core can be included in your app or installed on a server side-by-side user, machine-wide, or. In addition, the .NET Core can be deployed in Docker containers. 

.NET Core is Friendly.

.NET Core is compatible with .NET Framework, Xamarin, and Mono, via .NET Standard. .NET Core also supports working with various popular Web frameworks and libraries such as React, Angular, and JavaScript. TypeScript is one of the key components of the .NET Core and Visual Studio ecosystem.

What types of apps can we build using .NET Core?

.NET Core is a general-purpose software development framework. It allows developers to build all kinds of software, including Web, Desktop, Mobile, Cloud, Gaming, Internet of Things, and more.