Live Project Training

Live Projects Training in Ranchi

Studide also provides an excellent opportunity to have on ground experience on live project with us. This program provides training as well as practical experience on live project which is already made in-house by our team.

Benefit of working on live project is that this will give our students the best practical knowledge possible. In a live project, students work with a our company in a real-time environment for a certain period of time during their studies. Live projects are basically to develop employment abilities in students and to provide industrial experience and insights.

At studide our each and every training program is associated with practical project based approach. Studide provide Best Live Project Training and Internship Course in Ranchi

While Working on Live Project, Students Learn:

  • To work on deadlines.
  • To survive work pressures.
  • To test actual results.
  • To face and resolve real-time issues to work efficiently.
  • To handle important data.

We Provide Different Categories of Live Project in Ranchi:

  • Live projects on data science.
  • Live projects on python.
  • Live projects on machine learning.
  • Live projects on java.
  • Live projects on digital marketing.
  • Live projects on development.
  • Live projects on computer science(CSE) students.
  • Live projects on web development.
  • Live projects on software testing.
  • Live projects on php.
  • Live projects on android.

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