Mission Statement

In the current era education is just became a tool of getting job and opportunity so it becomes more competitive in this scenario. Student community needs a proper guidelines and motivation for their better career and dream feature.

Modern students are lacking knowledge of practical approaches and quality training so they became less productive for the organizations and can’t fulfill the current market needs. It became very important reasons to the current crowd of unemployment.

Most of the students are not getting a proper guideline, only few couple of students are guided by their parents, friends or family and rest are only pressurized by them so the life of modern student has just became something like a piece of rice in the pressure cooker so they are very much confused about their career.

In most of the educational Institutions running old and outdated course curriculum so students need to go to different training institutes for the study apart from colleges and universities, it is so expansive too. But they can’t get quality education there also, only few training centers are giving quality training at cost effective fees.

There are two type of community one is Scholars who have experiences and knowledge on their domain and other is students community who need these experiences and guidelines so they can make yourself more productive .But there is no any means of communication between these communities

Students are leaving their domain after investing so much money and time because they are losing their self-confidence and productivity. The main reasons of this issue is unfruitful training and guidelines, lacking of opportunity and competitiveness environment in the education system

All we know, Unemployment is a great barrier of the development of any society, state or country and student are known as It’s future because they belongs to the youth community who are the real power of the country. And our student community can’t thinking apart from  “Roti, Kapda and Makan”  because they are fighting against the unemployment very badly. So the creating opportunity and a good resource is became so much essentials.

After thinking about the above pain points some professionals are grouped as a Studide to become the best career guide of the modern student community and moving towards this mission for its dream life and better career. Studide is very thankful to its Dynamic Teams and Specials members for its contribution to the studied and wishing a good luck to the students.